Website Sales Machine

A revolutionary framework to build websites that attract, capture, nurture and convert cold prospects into high paying clients.


Do You Have A Website Or A Marketing System?​ The concept of a website is over 30 years old. It is outdated and no longer works for businesses that want to grow online. Effective websites have evolved into a marketing system.

A Marketing System is a platform that automates marketing activities in your business. Is your website a marketing system or a brochure? Your website should be the sales and marketing engine orchestrating all your marketing activities.

If your website is not built to capture contact details the first time they land on your website, up to 97% of your visitors will leave and never return!

This is very a huge loss for your business because your website visitors are your perfect prospects.

Once you capture the contact details of your visitors, you now control the relationship.

You can decide when and how you follow up with them to move them along your sales process.


5 Must-Have WEBSITE DESIGN Features to Win New Clients

The Blueprint that shows you how to generate more leads, appointments, and clients from your website

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A Sales Driven Website

Will Help You...

Get More Visitors

Tired of being run off your feet in summer and then struggling in winter?

Get More Leads

Need more leads but just don’t know how to get enough when you need them?

Get More Clients

Tired selling to people who want to pay the lowest possible price your service?


3P Formula

Every page on your website should call out your Perfect Prospect, highlight there #1 pain point and show them how your business can solve their pain point. Do this and your website will grow your business. Get it wrong and your website will become a white elephant. It may look good, but it will be good for nothing.


3 Offers

97% of website visitors will leave your website and never return. If you want to win them as a customer, you need to capture their email address and phone number with an offer like an eBook in exchange for their phone number. Then you can call them and convert them into a client.


Automated Follow Up

Once you have captured your website visitors email address, you can send them a series of pre-written emails, including a discount at the end, which convince them to hire you or buy your products.



There are over 2 billion people on Facebook. Every visitor to your website should be shown an advertisement on Facebook to remind them to buy or take action with your business. This is not only inexpensive but also very effective in getting visitors back to your website.


Funnel Builder

Building a lead generating marketing funnel into your website is paramount. Having it hidden from your website visitors will hurt you. Secondly we believe WordPress offers the best funnel building technology on the planet.


Conversion Optimized Design

Most web designers are focused on making a website look beautiful. But a beautiful website is not what converts visitors into clients. You need to have a website that is optimized to get a visitor to call you or submit their details. This type of website is very different from the kind of site a web designer will create for you. You need a website designed by a marketer.


Marketing Platform

Choose the platform you use to build your website carefully. There is only one platform that provides you with all the heavy duty marketing functionality at the best price. Don’t make a mistake and go with Squarespace, Wix or Weebly. Only use WordPress.


Technical Support

Once your website is launched it is not “set & forget it”. You need to be constantly testing and optimizing the website. Having a team to support your as you build out new offers, pages and funnels at an affordable rate it key to making your online marketing strategies work.

Conversion Focused Content

Written specifically for carpet cleaning and fully customizable to your business

Facebook + Google Retargeting

Show ads to your website visitors on Facebook

Conversion Optimized Website Design

Not just a beautiful website, but a website optimised for conversions

Landing Page Templates

Get a higher ROI on your Google Adwords advertising

Lead Magnets

Capture email address from visitors to your website before they leave and never return

Funnel Builder Website

SEO optimised suburb pages. Be found in google for the suburbs you service

Automated Follow Up Sequences

Convert visitors into clients after they leave your website through automated email campaigns

Sales Funnel

Prewritten service content optimised for Google and conversions